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Music Industry Sessions

Announcing Music Industry Sessions!

Columbus Music Commission is bringing in local and national speakers to help equip musicians and entrepreneurs with tools and insights for the changed music industry.

*All who attend get full access ($100 value) to the Musicians Desk Reference!


Live Your Passion Like You Mean Business
August 16th, 7-9pm at Notes

During our kickoff session, hosts Brian Penick (Soundstr) and Joey Hendrickson will dip into several topics related to the changed music industry. These topics will be detailed in upcoming sessions. (All topics were selected from a very recent survey that you can still take here!)

Premise: It's about time to discuss independent musicians as business owners who are working within the constraints of a disorganized industry, while steering it towards value.

We'll quickly dip into traditional and untraditional revenue streams, share tools for stacking them, and ideas for where new revenue may exist and how musicians could go after it. Overall, we believe local musicians are the creators, entreprenuers, and drivers of value in the new music industry, who can fill gaps the national industry has left behind. For all musicians who Live Your Passion Like You Mean Business... this workshiop series is for you.



650-700: Arrival
705-720: Introduction - Stand Up
720-740: Segment 1: Changes In The Industry
740-750: Segment 2: Funding Your Music
750-810: Segment 3: Licensing
810-830: Segment 4: Music Entrepreneurship
830-850: Q/A
850-900: MDR Overivew